History Does Not Repeat Itself (Or Does It?!): The Political Changes in Syria after Hafiz al-Asad's Death

Middle East Studies Series


by AOYAMA Hiroyuki
February 2001
Table of Contents
Section 1


Section 2

The Governing System Established nuder Hafiz ak-Asad

1. The "Real" Apparatuses of Power in the "Two-tier Power Structure"
2. The "Hafiz al-Asad School"
Section 3

Bashshar al-Asad's Path to Becoming the New Leader of Syria

1. The Succession Crisis
2. Bashshar al-Asad's Rise in the "Real" Apparatuses of Power
3. Bashshar al-Asad's Exercise of the "Hidden Power"
4. Hafiz al-Asad's "Last Will": Establishment of the Bashsha al-Asad Regime
Section 4

The Nature of the Bashshar al-Asad Regime

1. The Administrative Policy Program Presented in Bashshar al-Asad's Inaugural Address for the Presidency
2. The Power Structure Which Consolidates Bashshar al-Asad's Rule
3. The Futile Resistance against the New Regime
4. Bashshar al-Asad's Demonstration of the New Leadership
Section 5


A. Bashshar al-Asad's Speech at the Closing Ceremony of the Ninth Regional Conference of the Ba'h Party on June 20, 2000
B. Bashshar al-Asad's Inaugural Address for the Presidency at the People's Assembly on July 17, 2000
C. Decree Law 17 of November 22, 2000
D. The Statement of the Ninety-Nine
E. The Fundamental Document of the Committees for Revival of the Civil Society
Index (Personal Names)