Sub-Regional Relations in the Eastern South Asia: With Special Focus on India's North Eastern Region

Joint Research Program Series


Edited by Mayumi Murayama , Kyoko Inoue, Sanjoy Hazarika
Published in February 2005

Introduction (70KB) / Mayumi Murayama

Chapter 1

Integration of the North East (79KB) / Kyoko Inoue

Chapter 2

Arunachal Pradesh (77KB) / AC Sinha

Chapter 3

Assam (72KB) / Udayon Misra

Chapter 4

Manipur (189KB) / Bhagat Oinam

Chapter 5

Meghalaya (172KB) / MN Karna

Chapter 6

Mizoram (305KB) / Lal Pudaite

Chapter 7

Nagaland (136KB) / Charles Chasie

Chapter 8

Sikkim (94KB) / AC Sinha

Chapter 9

Tripura (77KB) / Arunodoy Saha