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Survey Study on the Digital Economy (2020_2_60_001)


Digital technology is engendering significant changes in social and economic activities. Economic growth is expected as a product of innovative technological developments and the creation of new business opportunities. However, a variety of issues such as the harmful effects of monopolies, widening disparities, changes in labor demand, and the ideal form of privacy have also been raised. The impact of digital technology concerns numerous fields such as consumption, production, distribution, research and development, and government. This study group collects information and data, and primarily organizes issues from the perspectives of industry and technology, development finance, trade investment, legal affairs, and so on. As such, it aims to identify individual research topics by narrowing the focus on these issues.


April 2020 - March 2022

[ Organizer ] Sato Hitoshi
[ Co-researcher ] Hamada Miki
[ Co-researcher ] Fujita Mai
[ Co-researcher ] Yanai Akiko
[ Co-researcher ] Ueki Yasushi
[ Co-researcher ] Hamanaka Shintaro
[ Co-researcher ] Kimura Yoichi
[ Co-researcher ] Akiyama Shiro
[ Co-researcher ] Shimada Hideki
[ Co-researcher ] Nitta Hiroyuki
[ Co-researcher ] Ioki Tomoko
[ Co-researcher ] Kaino Hiroyuki
[ Co-researcher ] Yamada Yoshiyuki
Expected Outcome
  • Policy briefing
  • Research Reports