[Belonging・Position] Development Studies Center ・Director-General
[Research Field] Financial Development, Indonesian Economy, Islamic Finance, Corporate Finance
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Previous research

The development of the financial sector is essential for the economic development of developing countries. My research started with the issue of financial liberalization in developing countries and later shifted to the development of the banking sector. After analyzing the impact of the Asian financial crisis on the Indonesian banking sector, the Indonesian economy as a whole became one of my major research topics. The area of financial development covers not only the banking sector, but also the financial system, central bank monetary policy, small and medium enterprise finance, microfinance, capital markets, Islamic finance, and fintech. Because of the wide range of factors involved, the scope of my research also has been expanding. With the increasing globalization of the world economy, international finance is also becoming an increasingly important topic because capital flows have a significant impact on the financial markets of emerging countries such as Indonesia.

Current research projects

The impact of digitalization on the financial sector has been increasingly important in emerging and developing countries. I have examined how the digitalization affects the performance of existing commercial banks and investigated how information technology affects the finances of small and medium enterprises as well as unbanked people, focusing not only on the positive impacts, but also negative ones.
Another important issue in financial sector is to examines the effects of ESG (environment, society, governance) investment on developing countries, with a particular focus on S(society). The way in which financial markets evaluate the social value of solving social problems unique to developing countries is of special importance.