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Afghanistan Facing New International Environment with the start of the Trump Administration in the US(2017_1_10_006)


With the start of Trump administration in the US, Afghanistan is facing new international circumstances. Russia may re-appear as a main contributor to its development projects, but a new military operation by the US against the “terrorist” groups in the country is still probable. Japan, as a main contributor to various rehabilitation projects, needs to review its strategy in response to the new conditions surrounding this fragile country.


April 2017 - March 2018

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] SUZUKI Hitoshi
[Co-researcher] TSUCHIYA Ichiki
[Co-researcher] FUKUDA Sadashi
[Co-researcher] SATO Hiroshi
[Co-researcher] SAITO Jun
[Co-researcher] ISHIGURO Hirotake
[Co-researcher] DARWISHEH Housam
[Co-researcher] IKEUCHI Satoshi (Associate Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology The University of Tokyo)
[Co-researcher] AOKI Kenta (Project Lecturer, Ochanomizu University)
[Co-researcher] SATO Hidenobu (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
[Co-researcher] TORIYA Masato (Research Fellow, Center for Islamic Studies, Sophia University)
[Co-researcher] YOSHIOKA Akiko (Senior Researcher, JIME Center, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan)
[Co-researcher] NUKII Mari (Research Fellow, The Japan Institute of International Affairs)
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