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FY 2016/2017 Research Topic: A-3
"One Belt, One Road" Initiative and its Impact on the Chinese Economy


This research project intends to analyze the multilateral influences of China's "One-belt, One-road" initiative. First, we will perform a basic analysis of its impact on the Chinese economy. Second, we will estimate the effect of financing by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank on the upgrading and expansion of the physical distribution infrastructure. Lastly, we will survey the actual condition in relation to the increasing close ties in international trade and investment between China and the Central Asian and ASEAN countries.


April 2016 - March 2017

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] ONISHI Yasuo
[ Co-researchers ] GOKAN Toshitaka
[ Co-researchers ] DING Ke
[ Co-researchers ] ISONO Ikumo
[ Co-researchers ] SHIMIZU Kenji (Planning Department)
[ Co-researchers ] MARUKAWA Tomoo (The University of Tokyo)
[ Co-researchers ] ITO Asei (The University of Tokyo)
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