Economic Crisis and Korea/Taiwan

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Edited by Makoto Abe , Yukihito Sato , Mamoru Nagano
Published in March 1999

Introduction - Viewpoint of Analysis (511KB) / Makoto Abe, Yukihito Sato

0.1 The Economic Crisis in East Asia and Korea/Taiwan: Differences, Similarities and Contagion of the Crisis
0.2 Development Mechanisms and Economic Crisis
Chapter 1

Differences and Backgrounds behind the Differences (1.12MB) / Makoto Abe, Yukihito Sato

1.1 Differences Emerging from the Economic Crisis
1.2 Backgrounds of the Differences
Chapter 2

The Process Leading to Economic Crisis (1.98MB) / Makoto Abe, Yukihito Sato

2.1 South Korea
2.2 Taiwan
Chapter 3
3.1 The Integrated Circuit Industry
3.2 The Iron and Steel Industry
Chapter 4

Financial Liberalization and Structural Change in Korea and Taiwan / Mamoru Nagano

4.1 Korea’s Financial System and Finance at Chaebol Companies
4.2 Financial Liberalization in Taiwan and Structural Change in Banking Sector
Concluding Comments: Present and Future of Financial System s of Korea and Taiwan