Employment in Readymade Garment Industry in Post-MFA ERA: The Cases of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Joint Research Program Series


Edited by MURAYAMA Mayumi
Published in March 2006

Preface (40KB)

Chapter 1
1. The Current Status of the Garment Industry in the Economy
2. Geographical Distribution
3. Employment
4. Size Distribution of Factories
5. Contribution to Export Income
6. Markets
7. Phasing out of MFA and Major Issues facing the Garment Industry in Sri Lanka
8. Market Links and Labour Compliance
9. Market Trends
Chapter 2
1. Strategies of industry groups for increasing Competitiveness in the Global market
2. Measures taken by the industry
3. Survey of Workers
Chapter 3
1. Growth of RMG Industry and MFA Implications
2. Structure of, and Changes in, the Female Labour Market
3. RMG Industry as a Source of Alternative Income for Women
4. Survey of Current and Retrenched RMG Workers
Chapter 4
1. Objectives and Background
2. Key Research Questions
3. Labour Laws and Regulations
4. Survey of Garment Industry in Delhi Region
5. Summary of the Survey Results