Sub-Regional Relations in the Eastern South Asia: With Special Focus on Bangladesh and Bhutan

Joint Research Program Series


Edited by Kyoko Inoue, Mayumi Murayama , M. Rahmatullah, Centre for Bhutan Studies
Published in March 2004


Chapter 1

Exiting Economic and Political Relationships Patterns between Bangladesh and the Neighbouring Countries

1. Bangladesh’s Trade Relation with India
2. Bangladesh’s Trade Relation with Nepal
3. Bangladesh’s Trade Relation with Bhutan
4. Bangladesh’s Trade Relation with Myanmar
5. Bangladesh’s Trade Relation with China
Chapter 2

Transport Connectivity between Bangladesh and the Neighbouring Countries

1. State of Transport Connectivity
2. Facilitation Measures Needed at the Border Crossing
Chapter 3

Public and Private Initiatives for Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation

1. Bangkok Agreement
3. South Asian Growth Quadrangle (SAGQ)
4. South Asia Sub-regional Economic cooperation (SASEC)
5. Kunming Initiative
6. Transport sector initiatives promoted by UN-ESCAP
7. South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Cooperation and Development (SARI/Energy)
8. Chamber initiatives
9. Bangladesh Myanmar Business Promotion Council
Chapter 4

Prospect for Closer Regional Economic Cooperation from the Perspective of Bangladesh

1. Taking a Comprehensive View
2. Bilateral Economic Cooperation Agreement
3. Addressing the Problem Areas to Enhance further Cooperation between Bangladesh and Neighbouring Countries


Annex I International Conventions Recommended by UN-ESCAP under its Resolution 48/11 of April 1992


Chapter 1

Overview of the Economy

1. Nature and Size of the Economy
2. Bhutan’s Economic Integration and Interdependence
3. Macroeconomic Performances and Future Outlook
Chapter 2

Economic Development Policy

1. Development Strategy
2. Economic Reforms and Approach
Chapter 3

Economic Relations with the Neighbouring Countries and Areas

1. Regional Economic Cooperation
2. Bhutan’s advantageous areas
Chapter 4

Economic and Political Relations between Bhutan and India

1. A Historical Background on Indo-Bhutan Relations
2. Diversification of Bhutan’s Foreign Relations
3. Indo-Bhutan Cooperation
Chapter 5

Bhutan’s Perspectives on Regional Cooperation

1. Bhuan and SAARC
2. Bhutan’s Relations with its Regional Neighbours


Annexure 1 Treaty between India and Bhutan, 1949, August 8, 1949
Annexure 2 The Southern Bhutan Problem and People in the Refugee Camps in Nepal
Annexure 3 Agreement between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Kingdom of Bhutan on the Maintenance of Peace and Tranquility Along the Sino-Bhutanese Border Areas (December 8, 1998)