The Vietnamese Family During the Period of Promoting Industrialization, Modernization and International Integration

Interim Report

By Minoru Teramoto, Nguyen Duc Chien, Misaki Iwai, Bui The Cuong

Published in March 2017

This is a brief introduction of our research project which focuses on the present situation and the transformation of the Vietnamese families during the period of promoting industrialization, modernization and international integration.

chapter 1

This paper is a commissioned manuscript. Based on analyses of local materials, this paper reveals us how modernization influences the Vietnamese traditional family in the period of interest.

chapter 2

Based on the field research in a village which is about 100 km far from Hanoi, the author examines some aspects of changing residence patterns and ancestral ritual performances in Đổi Mới era.

chapter 3

This paper is based on field research in a commune in one province of Red River Delta region, and tries to clarify the roles and functions of the Vietnamese families caring for a member with disabilities.

chapter 4

Based on the data set of a survey conducted in 2015, this paper analyzes the intentions of families living in the Southern Key Economic Zone of Vietnam.