Discussion Papers

No.750 Development of U.S.–East Asia Financial Input–Output Table

by Satoru Hagino, Jiyoung Kim, Satoshi Inomata

March 2019


Flow of Funds Accounts (FFAs) are the official statistics describing how funds are transferred and where assets/liabilities exist, both inside and outside a country. At the international level, global FFAs depict the cross-border transfer of funds and the consequent claim/obligation relations among countries. The main purpose of this paper is to comprehend and organize the FFAs of various countries of the world from a financial point of view. We construct a global financial input–output table that shows both international and domestic transactions by each domestic institutional sector for the U.S., Japan, Korea, and China.

Keywords: Financial Input-Output Table, Flow-of-funds

JEL classification: R15, F30

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