Evaluating the Asian International Input-Output Table in comparison with the Three Major Multiregional Input-Output Tables

Discussion Papers


by Yoko UCHIDA, Kazuhiko OYAMADA

March 2017


This paper introduces the existing multiregional Input-Output (MRIO) Tables i.e., IDE, ADB, OECD, and GTAP with special attention to the method of constructing import matrix. Also, the similarities and differences among the four MRIO Tables are studied in this paper, setting the IDE table as the benchmark. From the results of comparison of major economic indicators with WDI, IDE and OECD shows similarity to WDI, compared to GTAP and ADB. However, TiVA indicators show considerably different values in motor vehicles and motorcycles in Indonesia. Whereas there is some possibilities Indonesia’s TiVA is overestimation, it can be said that the IDE table might captures the proper production structure. In order to understand the reason why different value in the IDE table occurs, an additional survey on import demand might be required.

Keywords: Multiregional Input-Output, Fragmentation, Trade in Value Added measure
JEL classification: C67, F00

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