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No.390 Response of Local Producers to Agro-food Port Rejection: The Case of Chinese Vegetable Exports

by YAMADA Nanae and SUI Shuyan

February 2013


This paper analyzes the factors associated with the rejection of products at ports of importer countries and remedial actions taken by producers in China by taking as an example one of the most competitive agro-food products of China: frozen vegetables. This paper provides an overview of the vegetable production and distribution system in China and the way in which China has been participating in exports of these products. Later sections will examine in detail the frozen vegetable sector in China, identify the causes of port rejections, and the actions taken by the Chinese government and by producers, processors and exporters to improve the quality of frozen vegetable exports.

Keywords: China, frozen vegetables, agro-food trade, food safety, port rejection
JEL classification: F23, L66, Q13, Q17, Q18

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