[Belonging・Position] Environment and Natural Resource Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center
[Research Field] Agricultural Economics, Chinese Rural Economy, Resource Economics
[email] Nanae_Yamada@ide.go.jp

Education / Research Experience

B.A. in Agriculture, The University of Tokyo, March 2001
M.S. in Agriculture, The University of Tokyo, March 2003
Ph.D. in Agriculture, The University of Tokyo, August 2015
Professional Career:
Institute of Developing Economies, April 2003-

Major Works

(For works written in Japanese, please see Japanese page)

  • 《太湖流域农村面源污染防止对策及其实施过程—关注基层自治组织的作用》人間文化研究机构(NIHU)编《日本当代中国研究》(第6辑 经济・环境编) 社会科学文献出版社 2017年 199-239页(“Implementation of Rural Nonpoint Source Pollution Control in the Tai Lake Basin: Focusing on the Role of Rural Communities” in Japanese Studies of Contemporary China Vol.6 2017 Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press http://china-waseda.jp/china_2014/).
  • “日本环境友好型农业政策与制度” 宋敏等编著 《日本环境友好型农业研究》中国农业出版社 2010年 43-66页(“The Policy and Institutions of Environmentally-friendly Farming in Japan” in SONG Min et al. eds., Study of Japanese Environmentally-friendly Agriculture China Agriculture Press 2010 pp.43-66).
Works Prepared by Participated Projects
  • Meeting Standards, Winning Markets: Regional Trade Standards Compliance Report-East Asia 2013 , UNIDO and IDE-JETRO.
  • Takahashi, Taro, Hideo Aizaki, Takeshi Sato, Na Guo, Yasuhiro Nakashima, Shigeo Ogawa, Nanae Yamada, Xiaoyun Zheng. “In-crisis delivery rate: a novel measure of success in communal water Management” Paddy Water Environment Volume 11, Issue 1-4, 2013, pp. 503-511.
  • Takahashi, Taro, Hideo Aizaki, Yingchun Ge, Mingguo Ma, Yasuhiro Nakashima, Takeshi Sato, Weizhen Wang, Nanae Yamada “Agricultural water trade under farmland fragmentation: a simulation analysis of an irrigation district in Northwestern China” Agricultural Water Management Volume 122, 2013, pp.63–66.