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Research Projects 2023

Early stage of environmental policy formation process in Taiwan: Focusing on environmental health policy during Chiang Ching-kuo era


This research will focus on the formation process of “early stage'' environmental policy in Taiwan, and examine the relationship and interaction with other public policies. Also, we will clarify what kind of position it has occupied in the policy system of public policy. In the "early stage" environmental policy in Taiwan, the relationship with environmental health, which is part of public health policy, was more important than other public policies, such as industrial policy and natural resource management policy. The prototype of the legal system and administrative organization related to today's environmental policy was formed as part of the policy area of environmental health, and then became an independent policy area. Among the many policy areas that could have been the origins of environmental policy, why did public health occupy the most important position in Taiwan? Focusing on this issue during Chiang Ching-kuo era(1972-1988), we will clarify how this fact affects Taiwan's environmental policy today.


April 2023 - March 2025

Role Member
[ Organizer ] Terao, Tadayoshi
Expected Outcome
  • The Ajia Keizai