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Research Projects 2023

Business and Human Rights: Global Trends and Asia


It has been more than a decade since The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights was unanimously endorsed in UN Human Rights Council. Although UNGPs are non-legally binding instrument, governments policies to facilitate corporate responsibility to respect human rights are developed and corporate practices are accelerated by increasing expectation from society. Do this policy development such as mandatory human rights due diligence and trade regulation bring about positive impacts on human rights situation on the ground? This research project aims to analyze the relationship between so-called “global policy trend” in business and human rights and its impacts on the society and people in investment-hosting or trade exporting countries. We will discuss whether and how business and human rights policies facilitate improvement of human rights situation of the people at risk and sustainable growth of their societies.


April 2023 - March 2025

Role Member
[ Organizer ] Yamada, Miwa
[ Co-researcher ] Inokuchi, Ayako
[ Co-researcher ] Michida, Etsuyo
[ Co-researcher ] Ishizuka, Futaba
[ Co-researcher ] Hatsukano, Naomi
[ Co-researcher ] Tanaka, Ryusuke(International Labour Organization Programme Officer)

*Affiliations are as of April 2023.

Expected Outcome
  • Book published by IDE (Japanese)