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Research Projects 2023

An Analysis of Conflicts with Global Survey Data


The primary goal of this project is to analyze how various events, such as the Nobel Peace Prize and terrorism, affect public opinion and conflicts. Although a large volume of quantitative studies have analyzed the causes of conflicts, they still remain at a macro level. I address those problems by using global survey data, such as the World Value Survey, Afrobarometer, and Demographic and Health Surveys, and applying a new research design, so-called Unexpected Event During Survey (Munoz et al. 2020). By using the survey data and new methods in conjuction with standard approaches, I analyze how those events shape public opinions and conflicts.


April 2023 - March 2025

Role Member
[ Organizer ] Kikuta, Kyosuke
Expected Outcome
  • Paper Submission to Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • The Discussion Paper