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Japan-Bangladesh Relationship at 50:Achievements and Challenges


In 2022, Japan and Bangladesh celebrated 50 years anniversary of diplomatic relationship. Bangladesh, which achieved independence in 1971, has undergone dramatic transformation during the half century. The objectives of this project are firstly to make a comprehensive review of the bilateral relationship incorporating the internal and external changes taking place both in and around Japan and Bangladesh and the impacts made by the bilateral relationship on both counties, and secondly to delineate the current challenges and needed action at both ends. The research outcome will be published both in Japan and Bangladesh and make a scholarly and practical contributions for those who take interest in the topic.


April 2023 - March 2025

Role Member
[ Organizer ] Murayama, Mayumi
[ Co-researcher ] Ando,Yuji(JETRO Dhaka Director General)
[ Co-researcher ] Horimoto, Takenori(Gifu Women’s University Visiting Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Abdullah-Al-Mamun(University of Dhaka Associate Professor & Chairman, Department of Japanese Studies)
[ Co-researcher ] Ota, Kiyokazu(The Japan Bangladesh Society Director)
[ Co-researcher ] Ohashi, Masaaki(Keisen University Professor Emeritus)
[ Co-researcher ] Huq, Monzurul (Prothom Alo Chief)
[ Co-researcher ] Onishi, Yasunori (PADECO Co, Ltd. General Manager, Technical Development Division)

*Affiliations are as of April 2023.

Expected Outcome
  • Book published by IDE (Japanese)
  • Book published by External Publisher (English)