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What is anti-corruption? Text analysis of discipline inspection of CCP


There are two main streams of attention to China's anti-corruption campaign. One focuses on anti-corruption objectives and analyzes prominent political figures and those around them from the perspective of power struggles and factional politics. The other is research on corrupt bureaucrats, which tends to focus on the institutional environment in which corruption occurs and the characteristics of corrupt behavior, and then discusses the sustainability of the political system. Scholars also look at anti-corruption campaigns as one element and measure their impact on economic activity and society. Both trends treat corruption and violations of party discipline as equivalent and do not discuss in depth the content of disciplinary violations. While the Communist Party declares that its 10-year anti-corruption campaign has achieved an "overwhelming victory," it also states that it will continue the campaign for the long term. What does the Party center mean by "overwhelming victory"? What is the significance of continuing the movement in the future? What kind of anti-corruption measures are envisioned? To answer these questions, this assignment takes a textual analysis approach to analyze the content of discipline violation notices and court cases and examines anti-corruption trends based on keywords.


April 2023 - March 2024

Role Member
[ Organizer ] Ren, Zhe
[ Co-researcher ] Naito, Hiroko
Expected Outcome
  • The Discussion Paper