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Research Projects 2023

Candidates' Title and Voting Behavior in Brazil


What kind of impact does candidates' attributes have on voting behavior when they advertise the attributes through their title? The Brazilian electoral law posits a unique rule in which candidates can use their "other names" such as business names and nicknames for their electoral ballots and can run a campaign using their titles (e.g., "Pastor A"). Focusing on the case of Brazil, this study uncovers the mechanism in which voters collect the information of candidates' attributes.


April 2022 - March 2024

Role Member
[ Organizer ] Kikuchi, Hirokazu
[ Co-researcher ] Okada, Isamu(Nagoya University Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Masukata, Shuichiro(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Lecturer)

*Affiliations are as of April 2023.

Expected Outcome
  • Paper Submission to Peer-Reviewed Journal