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Compilation and Use of the Transnational Interregional Input-Output Table(2022_2_40_012)


The purpose of this study is to construct a “Transnational Interregional Input?Output Table” (TIIO) that divides countries into several regions and links them with the international input?output table. In recent years, the international input?output table has been used as a major tool for analyzing the increasingly complex international division of labor, including global value chains (GVCs). However, even within the same country, the mode of involvement in the international division of labor and the impact of external shocks can differ from region to region. The construction of the TIIO should make it possible to grasp the degree of involvement in GVCs and the impact of external shocks at the regional level. Based on this background, this study will construct a TIIO by dividing Japan into regions and linking them with the Asian International Input?Output Table.


April 2022 - March 2024

Leader of the Research Project

Kuwamori, Hiroshi


Book published by IDE (Japanese)