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Military Industrial Enterprises in DPRK(2022_1_40_006)


It is well known that nuclear weapons and missiles are continuing to be developed in North Korea. In addition to developing these weapons the North Korean munitions industry also produces other military necessities as well as non-military products and even has its own trading enterprise groups. The subjects of this study are the plants involved in the production and development of weapons, the factories involved in the production of clothing, food, daily necessities, and fuel, and the companies involved in sideline production and foreign trade. In this study, the position of enterprises in the munitions industry in the socialist economy of North Korea will be clarified by analyzing the establishment and development of the munitions industry and the organization and activities of trading enterprise groups.


April 2022 - March 2023

Leader of the Research Project

Nakagawa, Masahiko


The Ajia Keizai