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Visualizations and Analytics for Global Value Chains(2021_2_60_001)


The purpose of this research project is to develop a pilot web database system for visualizations and analytics of the global value chains (GVCs). First, we will collect, process, and rearrange various datasets, such as large-scale time-series international input-output data, trade and investment data, environmental and patent data, published by international organizations, universities and think tanks in the world. Then, we will creat a GVC visualization model, which links these datasets with the most up-to-date GVC indicators developed by the Institute of Developing Economies. Using this model, we will bulid a web database system which will allow various users from academic institutions, government agencies, and think tanks to grasp trends of GVCs in real time from images automatically with free selections of year, country, region, industry, firm type, trade pattern, etc. on the web.


November 2021 - March 2023

Leader of the Research Project

Meng Bo


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