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Global Value Chain in Transition III(2022_1_60_001)


This research project is a continuation of the FY2021 Collaborative Study entitled “Global Value Chain in Transition II” led by Meng Bo. In the FY2021 project, “GVC Development Report 2021: Beyond Production” (Issue 3) was jointly written and published in collaboration with partner institutions. In FY2022, we will coordinate MOUs, conduct feasibility studies, prepare essential data and begin to write a part of background papers (BPs) for the Issue 4 of “GVC Development Report 2023: Resilient and Sustainable Global Value Chains in a Post-pandemic Economy”. The Issue 4 will also be jointly written and published in FY2023 based on the BPs, prepared by us and our partner isntitutions.


April 2022 - March 2023

Leader of the Research Project

Meng Bo


Background Papers