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Global Value Chain in Transition(2020_2_60_002)


This research is a continuation study to the 2019 Collaborative Study Group study entitled “Global Value Chain (GVC) I Undergoing Structural Reorganization (Lead supervisor: Meng)”. Within the 2019 study group, in preparation for the third “GVC Development Report”, we shared opinions between institutions, coordinated and concluded MOUs, formulated ideas for background papers, and drafted several articles. However, the 2020 goal is to draft, revise, and finalize background papers, coordinate between institutions regarding the division of roles in report preparation, and proceed with drafting each chapter being handled. In FY2021, we will review and revise each chapter overseen by the Institute of Developing Economies in the GVC report, which will be the final result, and cooperate with the publishing organization as necessary. The report will be published in September 2021.


April 2020 - March 2022

Leader of the Research Project

Meng Bo


Research output as stipulated in the agreement