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Causal relationship and social agreement in the process of environmental and resource policy formation(2020_2_40_026)


In the formation process of a resources & environmental policy, scientific knowledge has always played important role. By accumulating knowledge in natural sciences, and with the causal relationship between economic activities and damage to the environment, resources, and human health becoming clear, and also with this being accepted socially as a policy issue to be addressed, the formation of a resources & environmental policy as a "late-comer public policy" progressed for the first time. Without social agreement to the causal relationship, the objective of a resources & environmental policy would not be accepted as a social issue to be addressed. The most-remarkable feature of a resources & environmental policy among the varieties of the expansive field of public policy is an issue of cause & effect relationship, along with the indispensability of scientific knowledge for decision-making. In this research project, we will pick up the individual resources & environmental policies of each country as an example so as to analyze the role of social agreements on causal relationships between economic activities and damage to the environment and resources.


April 2020 - March 2022

Leader of the Research Project

Terao Tadayoshi


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