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Compilation and use of the Japan-Taiwan extended bilateral input output table (2020_2_40_018)


In recent years, production processes are subdivided into several stages in which respective countries specialize in producing parts and components under a global supply chain of producing just a single final product for consumers. Traditional trade statistics are no longer sufficient, and corporate-level micro data or multi-regional input-output tables are utilized in order to capture this phenomenon. Since Bernard and Jensen [1999] point out that each company shows different productivity, recent studies have considered corporate heterogeneity, while multi regional input-output tables cannot treat this because they assume a homogeneity of corporations within industries.

This study aims to compile the Japan-Taiwan extended bilateral input-output table in which information on corporate heterogeneity, such as size, ownership, and export activity, is incorporated in order to more-accurately calculate trade in value-added indictors and to identify production structures by company size and behavior.


April 2020 - March 2022

Leader of the Research Project

Uchida Yoko


Published by IDE