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Participation, Upgrading and Structure of the Global Value Chains(2020_2_40_017)


The development experiences of emerging economies in Asia have demonstrated the effectiveness of development strategies through participation in the global value chain (GVC). However, even those successful economies are still struggling to upgrade themselves toward becoming fully advanced, and many less-developed countries are facing difficulties in participating in the GVC. This project aims to draw policy recommendations on development strategies via participation and upgrading in the GVC, by: (1) analyzing factors for GVC participation using international I/O tables, (2) analyzing factors for upgrading in the GVC, (3) developing a logistic connectivity index based on network analyses, and (4) comparing the structure of the GVC in East Asia, North America and Central America, and Europe.


April 2020 - March 2022

Leader of the Research Project

Umezaki So


Published by External Publisher (English)