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Subway, City Boundary and Urban Politics: Comparative Case Studies of East Asian Cities(2019_2_40_018)


Traditionally, urban areas are surrounded by rural areas, and the boundary is clear. However, as urbanization develops, rural areas are absorbed by urban areas, and the boundaries gradually fade away. In China, the government tries to stress the existence of boundaries among cities. The main reason is stop the spill over of benefits. With the development of globalization, nowadays the governments of cities must face many new challenges and competition from other cities, in addition to traditional issues. City governments are trying to create attractive spaces, so as to stand out. Moreover, the formation of megacities, which involves surrounding cities, is also necessary under globalization. To maintain "the wall," or to destroy "the wall," is a question for these cities. This research attempts to analyze the factors of city politics on public projects via a comparison between Beijing and Seoul’s subway projects.


April 2019 - March 2022

Leader of the Research Project

Ren Zhe


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