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Authoritarian Regime's Long-Term Survival: Case Studies of Mexico and Cuba(2019_2_40_001)


This project involves case studies of the sustainability of the regimes in Mexico and Cuba. Mexico has experienced the longest authoritarian regime (71 years), while Cuba has continued the second longest (60 years in 2019) in Latin America. This project is aimed at analyzing the factors that allowed them to maintain such a long period of authoritarian rule. We would?classify the factors into two stages: (1) the stage in which the regime is established and (2) the stage in which the regime completes institutionalization. In recent years, comparative politics have focused on the causes that sustain long rules of authoritarian regimes, and we aim to present an answer from the viewpoint of?studies on Latin American politics.


April 2019 - March 2022

Leader of the Research Project

Yamaoka Kanako


The Ajia Keizai