[Belonging・Position] Global Studies Group, Inter-Disciplinary Studies Center ・Deputy Director, Senior Research Fellow
[Research Field] International Relations, Comparative Politics of One-party System, Area Studies of Caribbean-Basin, Cuban Studies
[email] Kanako_Yamaoka E-mail
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Previous research

I wrote my master’s thesis at the University of Chicago on Japan’s security policy in relation to its alliance with the United States. However, when I joined IDE, I was assigned to study Cuba. Since then, I have been researching Cuba as well as other Caribbean basin countries such as Haiti and Costa Rica. Specifically, I have been working mainly on Cuba’s relations with the United States and Japan as well as Cuba’s social policy as a means to consolidate its regime stability.

Current research projects

I am continuing my research on Cuba’s regime stability, by examining its social contract with its people in terms of social development as well as its swift regime transition after the 1959 revolution. I am also researching the changes in Cuba’s external policy under the new multilateral international order as compared with Vietnam, which has a similar one-party system. This year, I will start a new research project on Japan’s relations with Latin America and the Caribbean since the 2000s.