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Research Projects

Collaboration project with the Netherlands’ Urban Knowledge Network Asia and the International Institute for Asian Studies on Urban Studies (2020_3_60_003)


The Urban Knowledge Network Asia Project (UKNA) of the Dutch Institute for International Asian Studies (IIAS) studies issues related to Asian cities through a cross-disciplinary urban research network. Additionally, it presents advanced academic results and makes policy recommendations to national and local governments. Thus, it will enable researchers studying urban environments to present novel results and promote cross-disciplinary research. Although UKNA holds an annual symposium, this event is also significant as a policy proposal forum, it selects excellent young researchers from IIAS’ strong global network, and is co-sponsored by public organizations and local governments. By co-sponsoring the same symposium with UKNA in 2021, this project aims to discover new research personnel and research themes, and effectively disseminate results with overseas research institutes.


April 2020 - March 2023

[ Organizer ] Ren Zhe
[ Co-researcher ] Osada Noriyuki
[ Co-researcher ] Tsubota Kenmei (Toyo University, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Associate Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Fukai Hiromu
Expected Outcome
  • International Symposium