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Causal relationship and social agreement in the process of environmental and resource policy formation (2020_2_40_026)


In the formation process of a resources & environmental policy, scientific knowledge has always played an important role. Via the following: accumulating knowledge in natural sciences, bringing clarity to the causal relationship between resources/human health and the economic activities that are damaging to the environment, and in seeing such a policy issue to be addressed becoming socially accepted, the formation of a resources & environmental policy as a "late-comer public policy" has been progressed for the first time. Without social agreement with this causal relationship, the object of a resources & environmental policy would not be accepted as a social issue to be tackled. The most-remarkable feature of a resources & environmental policy among the varieties of many other fields of public policy is the issue of the cause & effect relationship, along with the indispensability of knowledge of natural sciences in terms of decision-making. In this joint research project, we will shine a light on the individual resources & environmental policies of each country as an example so as to analyse the role of social agreements on causal relationships.


April 2020 - March 2022

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Terao Tadayoshi
[ Co-researcher ] Otsuka Kenji
[ Co-researcher ] Oikawa Hiroki (Yokohama National University Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Sato Jin (Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Susumu Kitagawa (Yamanashi University Associate Professor)
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