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Tracing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Determining Responsibility in Global Value Chains (2019_1_60_001)


Nowadays, most goods are “Made in the World” in the context of global value chains (GVCs). Meanwhile, the increasing complexity of GVCs causes great difficulties in understanding “who creates greenhouse gas emissions for whom” and in identifying the responsibility among producers, traders, and consumers along GVCs. By identifying self-responsibility-based emissions, tracing emissions in each stage of GVCs at the country, sector, commodity, and bilateral trading route levels, this research aims to develop an algorithm to allocate the responsibility of carbon leakage along GVCs. Using this responsibility-sharing algorithm based on a newly developed large-scale environmental-international-input-output database, it may be relatively easier to achieve consensus between developed and developing countries both on the control of self-responsibility-based emissions and GVC-based shared responsibility in the post-Paris Agreement era.


April 2019 – March 2020

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Meng Bo
[ Co-researcher ] Yukihara Tatsuto (Nagoya University)

* The project members are also working with researchers at Tsinghua University to co-author papers.

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