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The One Belt One Road Initiative at a Tipping Point: Impact on Japan and China (2019_1_10_002)


Following the “Current Situation of the One Belt One Road Initiative and its Impact on Japan and China” research project carried out in FY2018, we intend to conduct research into the current situation and on the impact of the initiative under a changing situation. First, we will conduct a case study on FDI by Chinese and Japanese enterprises in initiative-related countries. Second, we will continue to build a research network with think tanks, institutions, and universities, both home in Japan and abroad. We will then conduct collaborative research with an institute that shares the same research interests as us. Third, based on the research mentioned above, we intend to look into the possibility of economic cooperation between Japanese and Chinese enterprises in third-party countries.


April 2019 - March 2020

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Onishi Yasuo
[ Co-researcher ] Hakozaki Dai
[ Co-researcher ] Tanaka Osamu
[ Co-researcher ] Arai Etsuyo
[ Co-researcher ] Ding Ke
[ Co-researcher ] Kumakura Jun
[ Co-researcher ] Amano Shinya
[ Co-researcher ] Shiraishi Takashi (Prefectural University of Kumamoto)
[ Co-researcher ] Suehiro Akira (Gakushuin University)
[ Co-researcher ] Kawashima Shin (Tokyo University)
[ Co-researcher ] Marukawa Tomoo (Tokyo University)
[ Co-researcher ] Kitano Naohiro (Waseda University)
[ Co-researcher ] Shiga Hiroaki (JICA)
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