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Formation Process of Resource and Environmental Policies in the Early Stage (2018_2_40_024)


In this research, we define the period until an independent administrative organization in a central government tasked with environment policy is established in the "early stages" of a resources- and environment-related policy, and we analyze the formation process of the resources and the boundary policy during this period. In many cases, the initial environment policy could not obtain sufficient results in response to various restrictions and did not attract attention as a subject of research. Also, in the details of the environmental policy prepared by an environmental administration organization, this period was treated as the "preceding stages" of policy history and was not fully examined. However, the restrictions faced in the early stages affect the entire policy formation process via the path dependency of system formation, etc., in many cases. In order to grasp the structure of the formation process of a resources- and environment-related policy, and so as to grasp the present condition of the policy and to explore future direction, the early-stage policy process needs to be researched more.


April 2018 - March 2020

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Terao Tadayoshi
[ Co-researcher ] Otsuka Kenji
[ Co-researcher ] Oikawa Hiroki (Yokohama National University, Associate Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Sato Jin (Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, Professor)
[ Co-researcher ] Kitagawa Susumu (Yamanashi University, Lecuturer)
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