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Filipino Seafarers: How the Philippines Emerged as the Largest Supplier of Seafarers in the World (2018_2_40_023)


The Philippines, the world 's largest seafarer-supplying country, is still important in its ability to supply seafarers to the world, as a foundation of global logistics, although this has been driven by the rise of China in recent years. In this research, we extract the legal tasks required for seafarer development and protection in international shipping using the case of the Philippines. Specifically, we analyze how the Philippines has changed policies and laws concerning seafarer training, overseas employment support, and legal protection, while responding to changes in the global seafarer labor market, such as seafarer shortages in advanced shipping countries. Then, we aim to clarify why the Philippines could become the main country in the world when it comes to providing seafarers to global logistics. In analyzing this, we will focus on inter-relationships between global norms formed by international organizations and local institution-building, as well as the role of developed country donors and private actors in crew training, etc.


April 2018 - March 2020

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Chibana Izumi
[ Co-researcher ] Imaizumi Shinya
[ Co-researcher ] Amante Maragtas S. V. (Professor, School of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of the Philippines)
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