[Belonging・Position] Global Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center ・Director
[Research Field] Asian law, Thailand
[email] Shinya_Imaizumi E-mail
Profile Information (Research history, education, papers & publications)

Previous research

My research focuses on comparative law studies of Southeast Asian countries, especially Thailand. I researched constitutional reforms and the changing role of the judiciary in Thailand under the pro-democratic movement in 1990s as well as under the political turmoil since 2006. I have also studied some aspects of the Thai judiciary, including the application of Islamic law in the provincial courts in southern Thailand. I have also investigated economic law reforms implemented after the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis, with a special focus on the interaction between global rules and domestic law. I have recently participated in research projects on the Philippines, Maldives, and the Pacific Islands.

Current research projects

I am continuing my work on the constitutional reforms and the role of the judiciary especially in the political process since the 2014 coup in Thailand. My recent research also covers the role of emergency law during the COVID-19 pandemic.