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New Labor Movements in Emerging Economies (2018_2_40_009)


Our research tries to understand the dynamism of “new labor movements,” which are sometimes referred to as “social movement unionism,” in emerging economies, including Brazil, China, India, the Philippines, and South Africa. This study discusses the backgrounds and factors behind such movements, their methods, their effects on workers and citizens, their sustainability, their relations with mainstream labor movements/trade unionism, and how such relates to policymaking at the national level. By doing this, we will aim to elucidate the various phases of trade unionism/labor movements in emerging economies.


April 2018 - March 2020

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Ota Hitoshi
[ Co-researcher ] Konta Ryohei
[ Co-researcher ] Sato Chizuko
[ Co-researcher ] Yamaguchi Mami
[ Co-researcher ] Amante Maragtas S.V. (School of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of the Philippines Deliman, Professor)
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