[Belonging・Position] Gender and Social Development Studies Group, Inter-disciplinary Studies Center
[Research Field] Area studies (China), sociology
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Previous research

My major research interests include labor migration, urbanization, and related social changes in China. Labor migration is a phenomenon that occurs in most countries undergoing industrialization, but it manifests differently in each country. In China’s case, many obstacles are observed in schooling for migrant children, insurance, and other public services because they are linked to the socialist hukou (household registration) system, which is incompatible with autonomous labor movements. In the process of economic development, multiple levels of government as well as individuals and social groups have attempted to reform the system to address these issues. My previous research topics include labor migration, urbanization, industry shifts, labor movements, and grassroots social movements.

Current research projects

One of my current research projects examines the working conditions and living situation of Chinese domestic migrant laborers in the post-labor shortage era. Since 2010, the working conditions and living situation of migrant laborers has improved as a result of labor shortages and the progress of urbanization. My research aims to examine how these two factors have affected migrants and their social translation.

My other new research project examines the working conditions and living situation of migrant laborers in Japan, mainly those from China. Chinese migrants are notable for their diversity of occupation and qualifications for stay, and many    lead long and stable lives while in Japan. The project aims to clarify the diverse needs of migrants and the difficulties they experience in Japan as well as to consider how the host society can receive and treat migrants with fairness and equality.