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Legacies of the Past in the Modern Rule of Law in Thailand (2018_2_40_026)

In the past decade, the more polarized politics is, the more politicized the legal system has become. Is the Thai legal system meant to protect individual and civil rights from the state’s abuse of power as in the normative rule of law? This project argues that the modern Thai legal system since the early 20th century has been a hybrid between the European influenced legal system and the legacies of the pre-modern legal traditions with particular authoritarian characteristics that reflect its historical development over the past 150 years. The hybrid nature appears most evidently in the laws, institutions, apparatuses, and ideology regarding national security. In order to identify the characteristics of this hybrid legal system, which is quite different from the legal systems in developed countries, this project will examine two issues in particular: the impunity privilege and the abuse of the lese majesty charge.

April 2018 - March 2020

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Thongchai Winitchakul
[ Co-researcher ] Imaizumi Shinya
[ Co-researcher ] Somchai Preechasilapakul (Chiang Mai University)

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