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Evaluation Systems for Asian Countries' Social Sciences and Humanities in the 21st Century(2017_2_40_018)

Research evaluation systems are crucial for knowledge creation and have been significantly transforming themselves under the impacts of globalization and informatization. This project examines the current research evaluation systems for social sciences and humanities in Asian countries and tries to show the impacts of globalization and informatization on them. For this purpose, the project addresses the following two issues. First, what features do the current evaluation systems have under globalization and informatization? For instance, how important are the impacts of peer reviews and bibliometric indicators in the systems? Second, how do the research evaluation systems shape the research activities and their results? Are the research activities activated by the systems? Are they biased by the systems? Our project hopes to contribute to enhancing society's understanding of how the knowledge has been created and how it has been influenced by globalization and informatization.

April 2017 - March 2019

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Sato Yukihito
[ Co-researcher ] Nikai Hiroyuki (Research Planning Department)
[ Co-researcher ] Kishi Mayumi (Library)
[ Co-researcher ] Sawada Yuko (Library)
[ Co-researcher ] Kano Shuji (Library)

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