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India's Northeastern Region and Connectivity: Japan's Engagement in the Past, Present and Future(2017_2_20_010)


India’s Northeastern Region has a unique standing in India because of several factors including its complex ethnic composition, largely different experience of British control compared to the other regions, insurgency problems in the post-independence period, and its sensitive location bordering five countries. Due to those factors, the central government of India used to preclude foreign involvement in the region. Under the present Modi government, however, India and Japan have officially announced cooperation for the development of the region, particularly the improvement of connectivity. During World War II, the advancement of the Japanese army into the present Manipur and Nagaland states not only brought massive destruction but also precipitated infrastructure development in the region that impacted the livelihood of the residents, although this fact has hardly caught the public’s attention both in India and Japan.

This research project aims first to evaluate the changing context of according significance to the Northeastern Region in the India-Japan relationship and second to investigate the current conditions of connectivity in terms of economic and infrastructural development, as well as human mobility within the Northeastern Region and with neighboring countries. The project seeks to assess the region’s potential along with its problems, and to elucidate the impacts of improving connectivity on the different groups of people and institutions.


April 2017 - March 2019

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Murayama Mayumi
[ Co-researcher ] Sakai Kanako (Library)
[ Co-researcher ] Osada Noriyuki
[ Co-researcher ] Tsubota Kenmei
[ Co-researcher ] Sato Hiroshi (South Asian researcher)
[ Co-researcher ] Horimoto Takenori (Visiting Professor, The Center for South Asian Studies,
Gifu Women's University)
[ Co-researcher ] Izuyama Mari (The National Institute for Defense Studies)
[ Co-researcher ] Kimura Makiko (Associate Professor, Tsuda College)
[ Co-researcher ] Hazarika Sanjoy (Director, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative)
[ Co-researcher ] Gill Preeti (Literary Agent, Scholar on Northeast)
[ Co-researcher ] Choudhury Samrat (元Asian Age、 Free Press Journal (Bombay)編集者)
[ Co-researcher ] De Prabir  (Professor, Research and Informatin Systems) 
[ Co-researcher ] Hemant Katoch (Independent Scholar)
[ Co-researcher ] Yaiphaba Kangjam (Independent Scholar / Imphal Walks)

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