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Fundamental Research on International Flow-of-Funds Analysis (2017_1_40_011)

As a brief overview of the world economy in recent years, the savings glut has caused a public debt problem in developed economies. On the other hand, lack of investment has undermined economic growth in underdeveloped countries. However, the discrepancy between the financial systems in developed countries and those in developing countries has hindered the global redistribution of funds. This research project aims to comprehend and organize the flow-of-funds accounts of various countries in the world. In particular, the research project will include case studies of Brazil, Japan and Asian countries, as well as a systematic look at their analysis methods, in order to analyze the situation of the global maldistribution of funds. Furthermore, the countermeasures for underdeveloped countries with inadequate statistics will be examined in more detail.

April 2017 - March 2018

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Tsujimura Kazusuke (Professor, Keio University, Faculty of Economics)
[ Co-researcher ] Kim Jiyoung
[ Co-researcher ] Inomata Satoshi
[ Co-researcher ] Tsujimura Masako (Lecturer, Rissho University, Faculty of Economics)
[ Co-researcher ] Hagino Satoru (Professor, Fukuyama University, Department of International Economics)

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