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Political and Economic Analyses of the MENA Region(2017_1_30_002)


The Middle East Review, IDE-JETRO's web-magazine, is designed to be a new media for publishing information and analyses about the political, economic, societal, and international topics in the drastically changing contemporary MENA region for the sake of specialists on that region, Japanese policy makers and businessmen.

As the successor of our previous Contemporary Middle East, the 5th edition of the magazine is scheduled to be released in March 2018 following the present 4th issue. This research project is prepared for the purpose of properly planning, editing and publishing the aforementioned web-magazine in fiscal year 2017.


April 2017 - March 2018

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Suzuki Hitoshi
[ Co-researcher ] Saito Jun
[ Co-researcher ] Fukuda Sadashi
[ Co-researcher ] Tsuchiya Ichiki
[ Co-researcher ] Ishiguro Hirotake
[ Co-researcher ] Shimizu Manabu (Professor, Teikyo University)
[ Co-researcher ] Ikeda Akifumi (Professor, Toyo Eiwa University)
[ Co-researcher ] Ikeuchi Satoshi (Associate Professor, Tokyo University)

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