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Dynamics and transformation of the Vietnamese family in the Doi Moi era (2016_2_40_005)


Vietnam has been promoting modernization and industrialization since the mid-1990s. Several researchers pointed out that phenomena such as low birthrate, aging society and weakening of the family's education and socialization function for children has been on the rise in Vietnam with the progression of modernization and industrialization. Our research group will study the dynamics and transformation of the Vietnamese family based on field research and analysis of local materials. We will particularly focus on (1) the relationships between the Vietnamese family and social welfare, and (2) the relationships between family members, including women's status in the family.


April 2016 - March 2018

Members of the Research Project
[ Organizer ] Teramoto Minoru
[ Co-researcher ] Iwai Misaki (Professor, Kanda University of International Studies)
[ Co-researcher ] Bui The Cuong (Senior Researcher, Southern Institute of Social Sciences)
[ Co-researcher ] Nguyen Duc Chien (Researcher, Institute of Sociology)