Globalization Carried on Human Feet

Spot Survey


March 2003

Preface / Ippei Yamazawa

Chapter 1
1.1 Extension in the Context of Social Development
1.2 Japan’s Success in the Field of Economy
1.3 Imported Extension System
1.4 LIP Way of Extension
1.5 Group Approach
1.6 Utilizing Existing Resources
1.7 Utilization of Outside Resources
1.8 Spirit of KAIZEN
1.9 Rapid Economic Growth
1.10 Improvement Prior to Development
1.11 Japan’s Experience and Developing Countries
Chapter 2

Urban Life Improvement Project in Poor Quarters in Sana'a / Osman Adam

2.1 A Life Improvement Project Conducted by CARE in Yemen
2.2 Lessons Learned
Chapter 3

Agricultural technology Adoption: A Major Step to Economic Development and Market Access / Galiba Marcel

3.1 The Setting
3.2 Extension Strategy and Technology
3.3 Results and Discussion
Chapter 4
4.1 African Economies and Agriculture
4.2 The Agricultural Revolution and Extension Services
4.3 Green Revolution in Africa?