Beyond Market Socialism -Privatization of State-owned and Collective Enterprises in China

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Edited by IMAI Kenichi
March 2003
Chapter 1

Privatization in China (186KB) / Ken-ichi IMAI

1.1 Subject of Analysis
1.2 Momentum toward Privatization
1.3 Inching toward Establishment of Privatization Policy
1.4 Changes in the Environment
1.5 Direction of Privatization
Chapter 2
2.1 Accelerating Privatization of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
2.2 Current Status of Privatization of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
2.3 Dynamics of Ownership Transformation
Chapter 3

Privatization of Newly-Emerging State-owned Enterprises: The Case of Mailyard Group(342KB) / Xiaochun HUANG

3.1 Introduction of a New Business Model Following the Formation of a Joint Venture
3.2 Groping for the Formation of a Business Group
3.3 Establishment and Stock Listing of Mailyard Share Co., Ltd
3.4 Mutual Transactions between Mailyard Corporation and Mailyard Share
3.5 Growth of the Enterprise and Role of the Government
3.6 Path to Privatization: Ownership Structure Matters
Chapter 4
4.1 Corporate Governance and Business Strategies
4.2 Changhong
4.3 Kelon
4.4 TCL
4.5 Privatization as a Means of Avoiding “Government Risk”
Chapter 5
5.1 From Exchange Listing to Sale of State-owned Equity Shares
5.2 Constraining Factors for Privatization of Listed Enterprises
Chapter 6

Beyond Market Socialism (69KB) / Ken-ichi IMAI

6.1 Trends in Privatization of Publicly-owned Enterprises
6.2 Constraining Factors in Privatization
6.3 Outlook