Politics, Economy and Sanctions in the Persian Gulf States: in a Changing Environment

Spot Survey


Edited by FUKUDA Sadashi
Published in March 2001

Executive Summary (470KB) / Sadashi Fukuda

Chapter 1
1.1 Why Is the Change in the Leadership an Issue?
1.2 Any Change in Domestic, Foreign and Oil Policy?
1.3 Future Outlook
Chapter 2
2.1 Domestic Politics after the Sixth Majles Elecitons
2.2 Foreign Economic Relations after the Majles Elecitons
2.3 Future Prospects
Chapter 3

Ten Years with Sanctions: Transformation of Iraqi Economic Policy 1999-2000 / Keiko SAKAI

3.1 Softening the Conditions of the Economic Sanctions toward Iraq
3.2 Dismantling the Sanctions from the Outside
3.3 Domestic Political Structure behind Iraqi Economic Policy
3.4 Conclusion
Chapter 4
4.1 Structure of Federation
4.2 Economic Structure
4.3 Attraction of Companies by Free Zones
4.4 Stock Exchange Opening Quickening Modernization
Chapter 5

New U.S. Administration’s Gulf Policy / Shigeru SUDO

5.1 President Bush’s Foreign Policy Manifested during Campaign
5.2 Energy/Oil-Related Factors Potentially Affecting U.S. Gulf Policy
5.3 Concrete Outlook for U.S. Gulf Policy
Chapter 6

Gulf Oil-Producing Nations Pursuing Economic Reform Even after Oil Price Recovery / Yoshiki HATANAKA

6.1 Economic Reform in GCC States
6.2 Crude Oil Prices and Fiscal, Economic Trends-Saudi Arabia
6.3 Iran’s Economy and Privatization
6.4 Conclusion
Chapter 7
7.1 Characteristics of Oil-Producing Economies - Dependence on Oil
7.2 Trade of the Gulf States
7.3 Petrochemical Industry
7.4 Conclusions

Appendix (1.46MB) / Ichiki TSUCHIYA

Sadashi FUKUDA, Director-General, Atera Studies Department II, Institute of Developing Economies/JETRO
Yasuyuki MATSUNAGA, Assistant Professor, College of International Relations, Nihon University
Keiko SAKAI, Assistant Director, Research Project Division, Research Planning Department, Institute of Developing Economies/JETRO
Mitsuhito ONO, Director, Middle East and Africa Division, Overseas Research Department, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Shigeru SUDO, Research Advisor, Energy and Resources Department, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
Yoshiki HATANAKA, Director, Energy and Environment Program, International Development Center of Japan (IDCJ)
Reiji TAKEISHI, Research Fellow, Economic Research Center, Fujitsu Research Institute
Ichiki TSUCHIYA, Researcher, Area Studies Department II, Institute of Developing Economies/JETRO