The Caspian Basin Oil and Its Impact on Eurasian Power Games

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Edited by Manabu Shimizu
Published in June 1998 *

Preface (484KB) / Manabu Shimizu

Chapter I
1. An Explicit U.S. Commitment to Central Asia
2. The History of Caspian Oil and Gas Development
3. Impacts of the Energy Resource Development in the Caspian Sea
4. The Caspian Oil Fields and U.S. Sanctions against Iran
Chapter II

Basic Characteristics of the Caspian Sea Region (1.41MB) / Valentin M. Yakushik

1. Spatial Confines of the Caspian Sea Region
2. Legal Status of the Caspian Sea and Related Contemporary Political and Legal Disputes
3. Oil and Gas Reserves, Production, Local Consumption and system of Transportation in the Caspian Sea Region
4. Activities of Companies in the Caspian Sea Region (Major projects)
Chapter III
1. Transport Corridors and Routes
2. The Major Actors in Gas and Oil-related Politics in the Caspian Sea Region
3. Conclusions
Chapter IV
1. The Transcaucasus
2. Azerbaijan
3. The Azerbaijan-Armenia Feud
4. Georgia and Ethnic Minority Questions
Chapter V

Sidestepping Iran (416KB) / Manabu Shimizu

1. The Afghanistan Route
2. The Turkish Route
3. The China Factor
4. Iran’s Defiance
Chapter VI
1. Ukraine’s position in Relation to the Development of the Caspian Oil and Gas Resources
2. Ukraine’s Relationship with Russia and Its Pursuit of Autonomous Diplomacy
3. The Impacts of the American Containment of Iran on Ukraine